Monday, June 8, 2009

Great Wall Of Chinna

The Great wall of China is said to be like a sleeping dragan as streches across deserts,plkains, mountains and plateaus.Many legends have been born over the years based on this wonderful creation by mankind!

The Great Wall of Chinna stands as a testimony to dynastics and wars.You only need to see th is mammoth effort to understand the country, as it streshes to around 6,700 kilometers in length from the east to the west of China.Wow!Built over 2000 years ago,this incredible structure is a huge crowd-pullers.People visit the Great Wall from across the world to experience this amazing creation.It was built between 7th and 8th centuries using a uniqe style of architecture.In those days states built walls to keep away enemies.During the Qin Dynasty,the serperate walls were joined to form a 5000 kilometer barrier.However it was during the Ming Dynasty that the Great Wall was renovated and restored,and more than 1000 kilometers added to it.What is truly amazing here,is the mode of construction.

With an average height of 10 metres and a width of 5 metres,the Wall has been dynasties,hisory and the development of culture over thousands of years. In times when construction equipment was so basic imagine such a breathtaking strructures taking shape! They used a variety of sources such as stones, rubble and even plain earth in certain areas.During the Ming Dynasty, they used bricks, tiles, lime and even granite, in certain parts of Wall.

This impressive Wall employed 300000 troops the Qin Dynasty to bring the Wall together.It is said that soldiers, conscripted labourers and even convicts were brought in to complete the Great Wall. Livivg conditions were poor and work was tough, causing thousands to die during the making of the Great Wall.

Most parts of the Wall have crumbled due to ravages of nature, as well as encroachment my man.Efforts are on to restore the structure and keep it off from total destruction. Wouldn't you visit this historical wonder?Can you name the other name of the other wonders of the ancient?

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