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Courtalam Session Started

Full view of Courtallam.

Local people will call this as main falls.

What is special in Courtallam?

This is the closer view of main falls.

Courtallam is the most familiar place which to visit .It is famous two main things.The first one is falls and the another one is mental hospital.The water in the falls is mixed with lots and lots of herbals which have medicinal value.Hence it makes the body healthier and fresher.It acts as as a treatment for many skin diseases and also there is a belief that it cures even mentally disordered persons.

About Courtallam?

This is old main falls.

Courtallam is devoted to Lord Siva. Lord Siva have sent Saint Agastheyar to the south to avoid a lack of balance or state of disequilibrium due to overcrowding in the mount Kailas on his celestial wedding. Another notable feature of Courttalam is Chithra Sabha. This temple contains many inscriptions about Chola and Pandya Kings. Chitra Sabha is made out of medicinal herbs. The wooden carved planks serve as doors. Numerous rivers such as the Chittar River, the Manimuthar River, the Pachaiyar River and the Tambaraparani River originate here.

Dangerous Place

The circle is a deep hole till now the depth of it didn't determined some are telling it is as huge as 10000 elephants.There are many rocks here and there.Many used to stand in the rectangle marked place and they can't balance their weight and fall into the deep hole.Many used to see that for adventurous but its not a good one.Only one was alive in that.On;y one person was there who will go into the deep hole to rescue or to take the dead bodies.He used to say that there is an angel she used to show the dead bodies which got struck in to rocks

Water Supply

This is the pipe line for drinking water supply to local areas.This is healthy and tasty and good for everything.If you keep your hand it will be chill.Water will be purified and supplied even though it is pure.The water is stored in a place called Shenbagadevi .

monkeys are more and more numbers in courtallam .They will roam in groups sometimes individually.It used to take dresses snakes and some times our things too. so be care full with them.

This is the way where water used flow to main falls

By the way to honey falls we can see this place.If you go upside of courtallam hills you will get shenbagadevi falls and then this at last honey falls.But all are too dangerous to claim.

This is that one of the top o f the hill.

This the most favorite place to local place to take bath.This place many used to avoid this place.This photo is taken in summer so the water level is too low .If it is rainy season then that's all no one can stay here.To reach this place you have jump rocks it will be risky but enjoyable one.The color of the water will be pure while seeing you can analyze it.

Old Courtallam

This is another falls called old Courtallam.This is 5 km far from main falls.This is also a very good falls.Its some what far from the villages.It will near to forest.

Tiger Falls

In this falls water will be coming nicely but it's not like other falls.It will be 10 inches that's all.many used avoid this place.But nice place.Tiger came and drank water in this place so it's called tiger falls.This is on the way to old Courtallam. It will be superb to take bath in this place.

Five Falls

This is five falls. In this falls water is divided into five and it is falling so it's five falls.This is very very nice place to visit.The whole area will be cool and some insect sound will be there.It will be nice to hear.Here many fruits will be available there are many shops to shopping.

Five falls is 5 km far from Courtallam.On the way there is a boating place.You can enjoy the place.

Branoor Barder

This is the best place to eat chicken.Here is a hotel called Rahmath famous in that area many people will come from to eat here.then you will be knowing the taste of that.only chicken is available and best one.

Courtallam is 5 km from Shengottai,6 km from Thenkasi,40 km from Thirunelveli,117 km from Thiruvanathapuram.167 km from Madurai.If you are coming by flight means you have to get down in Tuticorin that is the nearest Airport from there nearly 100 km.If you are coming by train then you have to get down in Thenkasi is the best option to come there or you should come to Tirunelveli(ten) by these trains from Chennai Eggmore(ms) Nellaiexpress,Kanyakumariexpress,Annatapuriexpress,,Msguruvayur express EXP from there you have to travel around one and half an hour .Buses Government and travels from Koyambedu.

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